Resale Technologies prides itself on being a single source technology life cycle provider and value distributor for data capturing, mobility, barcode printing, and business related equipment.  Our services are backed by our 100% insured, intellectual property and sensitive data protection from unauthorized access throughout our entire chain-of-custody process.

Companies no longer have to find multiple vendors to handle individual components of complex IT asset management services.  Resale Technologies has a solution to simplify the entire life cycle process from technology recycling to asset deployment.


Resale Technologies specializes in purchasing overstock new and used IT assets with an emphasis on data capturing, barcode printing, and general B2B technology devices.

Our clients have the luxury of having real-time access to all of their assets received, sold, and deployed by Resale Technologies at no added cost.

Our objective is building long term strategic partnerships and binding relationships with our clients.  Honesty, integrity, and transparency is the foundation that has made Resale Technologies one of the top IT asset management firms in the world.


Resale Technologies understands your frustrations when it comes time to recycle your outdated hardware.  We made it our mission to simplify the entire end of life cycle process.

Our sister company, Repeat Recycling has been instrumental in maintaining our clients sustainability efforts with zero tolerance policy on electronic waste entering into our landfills.  All recyclable technology is processed internally and sent to an approved USA based R2 certified refiner for reuse.

Resale Technologies is 100% dedicated in honoring our environment for many generations to come.


Are you still paying for licensing on assets you no longer own?  Is that smart phone still registered to an employee that no longer works for you?  With Resale Technologies complimentary full auditing and detailed reporting service you will never have to pay for devices you no longer use.

Resale Technologies provides the most robust auditing and reporting in the industry.  Our live, online reporting enables our clients the ability to track assets from receiving to final disposition.


  • Reduce overall cost of new equipment purchase (trade-in)
  • Money received can be applied to the VAR of your choice for future services
  • Project management of returned assets
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional sales personnel
  • Detailed reporting and data eradication on all assets received
  • Certified recycling of assets that are undesirable or broken


  • Maintain your corporate sustainability efforts
  • Insured certificate of indemnification
  • Meets all Federal, State, and Local regulatory guidelines
  • We employee our own technology breakdown staff
  • Segregated by commodity type (Plastic, steel, glass, etc.) and sent to refiner
  • NTEP certified commodity scales for precise weights


  • Passes hardware/software audit
  • Track assets from cradle to grave
  • Eliminate paying unused licensing fees
  • Cloud based access
  • Export to .CSV, .XLSX, .TXT, or .XML


Resale Technologies understands the critical elements in protecting clients proprietary data as well as preserving brand integrity. Our rigorous procedures safeguards our clients against data exposure during the entire life cycle process.

We provide regulatory defenses against industry compliance’s: PCI, HIPAA, SARBOX, and GLBA.


Our state-of-the-art facility eliminates the “middle-man” for repair service contracts.  Resale Technologies supplys many of the parts that break/fix operations utilize for their repair contracts.  This results in saving our clients unnecessary cost for parts and labor.

Small businesses or large corporations, Resale Technologies has programs that tailor to exact specifications and budgets


Short term equipment rental is the perfect way to support holiday peak periods and special events for your business.  At the fraction of the cost of buying new, Resale Technologies provides a complete turnkey service for all your data collection and barcode scanning/printing needs.

All rental contracts include service and support in order to keep your business flowing.  Click Here for more information.


  • No longer pay for data removal
  • Higher overall return on investments
  • Eliminate traditional brokers and technology recyclers
  • No identifying markers on retired assets
  • Removes seller liability
  • Eliminates overhead and technical cost


  • Same day service / Next day delivery available
  • Guaranteed in stock parts and replacement inventory
  • Exceptional services at a fraction of the OEM price
  • Private client portal with up-to-date inventory reporting
  • After hours support


  • Tailored to your exact business needs
  • No upfront cost or service contracts
  • Use only when needed
  • Immediate replacement of failed hardware
  • Dependability