Zebra CRD-TC7X-CVCD1-01 Vehicle Cradle Charge Only NEW

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The Zebra CRD-TC7X-CVCD1-01 Accessory: a specialized docking and charging solution designed for Zebra’s TC75 mobile devices. This accessory falls under the category of Zebra Docks & Cradles and is tailored for TC75 users who need a convenient charging option while on the go.

With its docking connectivity, you can effortlessly charge your TC75 device, making it a practical and essential accessory for those who rely on their Zebra TC75 in a vehicle.

Please note that this cradle requires a separate power source, which can be provided using either the Cigarette Light Adapter CHG-AUTO-CLA1-01 or the Hardwire CHG-AUTO-HWIRE1-01, depending on your specific needs. This ensures that your device remains powered and ready for action, whether you’re on the road or in a stationary setting.


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