Symbol Motorola MC9090-GF0HJGFA6WW Handheld Mobile Computer


  • Standard Range Scanner
  • Color 3.8″ Diagonal (320 x 240 pixels) w/ Touch
  • 64MB RAM/128MB Flash
  • 53 key VT
  • Win Mobile 5.0 Pro
  • Audio/Voice/Bluetooth

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Symbol Motorola MC9090-GF0HJGFA6WW Handheld Mobile Computer


The MC9090-G mobile computer maximizes mobile worker productivity by providing a flexible, always-on connection to the network. The MC9090-G provides the most advanced mobile operating systems available with a choice of a familiar Windows environment or an application-specific environment. Additionally, it supports a variety of multimedia applications and its Intel 624 MHz enhanced memory ensures retention of mission-critical data. The Bluetooth option allows users to wirelessly synchronize and print. The MC9090-G’s rugged construction, which passed stringent drop and tumble tests, dramatically reduces repair and downtime costs.

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