IBM 6400-i Premium 30 Black Printer Ribbon


  • Black
  • Matrix Ribbon Type
  • Multistrike Capable
  • Fabric
  • Impact Printer
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IBM 6400-i Premium 30 Black Printer Ribbon


Compatible with IBM models: 6400, 6400-020, 6400-i1P, 6400-i05, 6400-i5P, 6400-i10, 6400-i15, 6400-i20; 6400 Model: i1P, i05, i5P, i10, i15; Printronix models: P4280, P4280-CT, P4280-Ipds, P4280-NET, P5005, P5005A, P5005B, P5008, P5009, P5010, P5205, P5205A, P5205B, P5208, P5209, P5210, P5212, P5214, P5215, P9212-Ipds


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