Customers trust us to deliver valuable business solutions.

About Us

We deliver valuable business solutions with impeccable market presence, global reach, and unparalleled experience.

Our expertise has been validated by our certifications in Occupational Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management Systems and Responsible Recycling.

Company Philosophy

Resale Technologies was founded off three core values that are shared and implemented throughout our organization.


    Always be upfront, open, and honest with our clients. Never jeopardize integrity to gain new business rather earn new business through integrity.


    Be accountable for all successes and failures. Set goals and achievements to measure successes. Be open and honest about failures in order to correct them for future endeavors.


    Focus on our clients. Teamwork. Effectively communicate. Take ownership. Strive for improvement and excellence.

Our mission is to provide cost effective services and solutions to our clients by applying our proven methodologies no matter the company size, budget, or specific request.


It takes attention to detail, dedication, and commitment!

Resale Technologies continues to set the standard of excellence when it comes to its products and customer service. As an employee, you can make a significant contribution to our ongoing dedication to our clients, our co-workers, and our environment.

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Resale Technologies certified by the following governing bodies:

R2 Certified
Veteran Owned Certified
ISO 14001 Certified
ISO 45001 Certified